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August 4, 2013
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You peeked your head in as your butler swept the floor, and wiped off counters all at once. He was a real neat freak, that was one of the reasons you loved him so much. As a butler right? You had started thinking it was something more.
   His name was Ludwig Beilschmidt. He was a blonde haired, blue eyed German who you were sure had a military background. But if he did why would he be your butler now? He was brilliant at giving orders to some of the other servants around the house and always did things flawlessly the first time he was asked. He was also always cleaning. Always.
   He just said, “I like things clean, my lady,” when ever you asked him why he cleaned so much. Once you purposely spilled an entire jar of salt just to see if he would clean it. He did, but that didn’t mean you didn’t get yelled at by your superiors. They told you not to taunt the butler, and lectured you on the price of salt. You didn’t really do it to taunt him. You did it, just to see if he would clean it.
   That was it. You didn’t ‘taunt’ him anymore after that but you had taken an interest to him. Slowly you came to love how he always cleaned everything so perfectly, trained in the mornings, and still had time to cater to your every whim.
   He didn’t strike you as someone who would have the patience to be a butler, thats why you were so interested in him.
   He finished wiping up the kitchen and turned to walk out the door when he saw you, “Oh good morning, my lady,” he bowed, you also loved his accent. You had never heard another German accent before and it amused you.
   “Good morning, I would like breakfast,” You said stiffly. You still liked ordering him to do things. You gave a small smile.
   “Yes, my lady,” He turned, “What would you like?”
   “I-,” You shifted your feet thinking, “How about eggs and hash browns.”
    He nodded and  you turned and stalked out of the kitchen smirking, your plan brewing in your mind..
   Once you had found out your butler was german you had begun shamelessly learning the language. Your superiors wanted you to learn french but you insisted on German. Your butler was also your teacher. You did lessons right after breakfast.
   You flipped through a german book as your butler left to take away your dishes. He didn’t know it but all the night before you brushed up your German and learned a few new phrases. You thrust the book under the table as your butler walked back in.
   You stared up at him, “Hallo,” You said innocently.
   “Hallo meine Dame,” He bowed.
   “Wie geht es Ihnen heute?”(How are you today?) You asked. This was how you normally started off the day. With a simple conversation in German.
   “Ich bin gut. Und Sie?”(I am good. And you?) He replied.
   “Sehr gut,” (Very good.) That ended your short conversation.
   “Your accent was off,” Ludwig said and you pouted. You were trying to work on talking with an accent but it just wasn’t your thing.
   “Sorry,” You muttered. Dang it! You were hoping to impress your German butler. You were just going to have to try something different.
   You went on with the lesson for a little while.
   You let your thoughts wander to what he thought about you. You were sure he returned your feelings, just by the way he looked at you and spoke. Thats why you devised this plan.
   “Hey Luddy,” You inquired. You called him Luddy, as a kind of pet name. “What does ich liebe dich mean?”  
   Of course you knew what it meant and you tried not to blush as your butler looked at your confused. “Wh-Why do you ask?”
   You shrugged, “Dunno, I heard it somewhere and it sounds German. It is isn’t it?”
   “Ja,” he replied, “It means.... ‘I love you’.”
   You smiled as he said it, “You do? How sweet!” You squealed and he just looked at you his jaw dropped open.
   “W-what? Nein! I mean-” He glared at you, “You planned this didn’t you.”
   “Every word,” You responded resting your head on your hands smirking. “Well do you?” Your feet and Ludwig looked like he was a deer in headlights.
    You didn’t give him time to respond, “Because... Ich liebe dich,” you kicked your feet and turned red with a small smile.
   “Uh-” You butler was at a loss for words, “Ich- Ich liebe dich,” he looked around the room blushing. You knew he was just freaked because he was a butler and you were his master. But you would find a way to make it work.
INTRO: flameriveralchemist.deviantart…

This ones shorter then the others T^T But I rather like it!!

Okay I am going to stop writing these so quickly cause school starts tomorrow :iconjapansaysnoplz: Oh well...

Hope you enjoy~

Germany officially belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
But he is your butler so he also belongs to you :icondoitsuplz:
Story belongs to moi. :iconyesjapanplz:
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